Thursday, July 9, 2015

Question: Is freedom really free?

Celebrating the 4th of July with my team members was a blast. I really enjoyed helping Lissette and Megan pass out surveys. It was a pleasure to meet different members of the community and converse with them about the conditions of the lakes. It was also great to see the excitement and somewhat concern members of the community had about this critical issue. It shows me that people are interested in learning about the issue and passionate about contributing to a solution. We also got the chance to grill and hang with one other as we celebrated an major accomplishment of our great nation. Although it was fun and games, it continues to bring up a vital question. Is freedom really free? Every person, regardless of race, ethnicity,or age, is entitled to live in a neighborhood, and city that supports wellness and good health overall. The community members of Menomonie deserve the right to live in an environment where they have access to clean water in the lakes. Many families would love to swim and fish in the surrounding lakes but they are limited because of the phosphorus causing a rapid load of cyanobacteria. I hope by participating in the Biology aspect of the LAKES research will develop a solution and can sustain the lakes natural resources and limit the rapid growth of cyanobacteria. This would not only clear the lakes up, but give the community a reason to believe again. This environmental issue has occurred long enough and now it's time to make a difference.

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