Thursday, July 9, 2015

Freedom is the Result of Effort

Our Nation has been through many counts when giving up was probably the easy path, but that just our style. The United States has been faced with many problems a few being the birth of our Nation, two World Wars, and the great depression. We are very resilient, but freedom isn't just the right to say we are Americans, but the fact that we can call this piece of land our Home. Now I don't know about you all but I know I like to keep my home kept up and enjoyable. The problem is that our Nation has several problems, some including water quality or just the quantity of water.

In this neck of the woods we have the water quality issue that everyone here knows about. I mean from what it sounds like later this summer you wouldn't even want to have a picnic next to this Lake. That's not freedom. How can you be completely free when the Lake next your house is toxic. That's where our research comes into play. The hard combined effort of the LAKES-REU staff and the people of this area will clean up this lake to what people remembered. The memories of when they were kids swimming in it all summer long. This goal is a work in progress but it will have benefits that can spread farther then just this small little town. Our research could help guide other people in fixing their water problems and hopefully leading to freeing the hold on their lakes.

We all deserve to have the full experience of freedom. We are Americans after all! Lets make it so we are able to enjoy everything this great Nation has to offers. Oh yea and Happy Belayed 4th of July everyone!!!!

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