Thursday, June 18, 2015

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

 For our very first blog post we are supposed to write about our expectations on the civic and work environment. That being said, I should probably start with my first impressions of Menomonie.

As I entered the town of Menomonie, I couldn't help but sigh in relief. It had taken me eighteen hours to arrive to this town that I will now call home for the next two months. As I drove around I couldn't help, but smile to myself. I am hundreds of miles away from home, but somehow North Carolina doesn't seem so far away. Menomonie has found a way to capture the welcoming atmosphere of a small town all while being home to thousands of people. Needless to say, I am in love with Menomonie and all of its coffee and antique shops.

However, my work environment has not been everything that I expected it to be. I expected to jump right into the field of work and get to talking to farmers. My expectations of how the program was going to work have been completely wrong and with good reason. There is a large amount of information that  I need to learn about before going into the field such as the dynamics of the community, farming, and software the will aid us into analyzing data.

I am excited and beyond grateful to be part of REU Lakes program and hope that I can produce information that will be valuable to the community. I also want to add that I have the privilege of working with the best possible group of students and faculty there could be.  In the little time that I have known the group, I have come to appreciate each and everyones unique personalities.

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