Saturday, August 9, 2014

Leaving Neverland, searching for Narnia

I admit it. 

I fell off the blog train somewhere past the second star to the left. But it's time to grow up and fulfill my duty to the REU blog page. Now that the summer is over, I view this blog as my super informal conclusion that has nothing to do with my research and everything to do with what I learned. In it, you will find a bunch of nonsensical nonsense... or infinite wisdom (depends how much alcohol you consume and how long you sit and stare at it). 

May you find enlightenment. :)

A road diverged in the forest, and I took the path most commonly traveled
... and found skittles

Sometimes I wonder

Other times I don't.

Finding beauty in everything.

Could I chase the sun?
Drive fast, so it never sets
...Should I chase the sun?

as they always do.

Bridges should never burn...
I mean, they're made out of cement and right next to water.

And then they were gone,
but their memories lingered
like hidden shadows.

And for those of you needing a bit of comic relief...

Productive procrastination... It exists.

A "real" conclusion blog to follow...

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