Sunday, July 6, 2014

Learning From Experience

Hello again, this is Peng Vang and through the first three weeks so far, the experiences of researching for this program have been tremendous. I have been learning new work from my partner and also my professor from doing this program. I was amazed by all the work that was given to me for this project. However, the adventure of collecting data from our water samples from Tainter and Lake Menomin, also the two rivers, Hay and Red Cedar. While analyzing the data, it was surprising to find the different amount that are within certain parts of the water. From all the learning within the Biology and Chemistry department, it was a learning process of refreshing my mind on previous work and new work that had to be learned. Overall, it is a new experience staying here and learning new equipment for scientific uses.

At this point in my research, I am at the point of not knowing what is the outcomes of our research about the lakes. I want to know how my research can be a helpful resource to the community in Menomonie. However, will there be a process of knowing how we can help take the algae away and clear the water of any sort. In the mean time, I will be spending my time learning the different products that are within the water and the amount that the water holds within depth. Another thing I will be learning is the amount of phosphorus that is coming from the rivers and into the lakes, also the amount the lakes may contain.

Furthermore, the way of learning more about these process and studies, is to further my education. Probably the learning of environments within area of different cities and the surroundings the river is in. Although most rivers are near houses and farmers, it is a learning strategy of studying about the settlement around country areas that are near the rivers.

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