Friday, June 30, 2017

Water is Life

As geeky as it may sound, my first love was education. From the aroma of old books in a library to the rhythmic patter of a busy mind on a keyboard, I indulged in it all. As I grew older I realized that education held the key to solve some of the world's most critical problems. Upon graduating high school I fell in love for the second time with culture. In 4 years I walked in the shoes of people groups from 6 separate countries. Each time I entered into a new land I payed attention to the difficulties and hardships which inflicted the least represented. I strayed as far away from the beaten path and meandered along the road less traveled by tourists in order to gain the most authenticity. Language learning and culture adapting where imperative. Every voyage would end in deep reflection and a feeling of responsibility-- which is where I fell in love for the third time with social action.

As an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Biology, there is never a shortage of problems to solve. Fellowshipping with Mother Nature herself is at the core of most solutions. Learning and understanding the intricacies of nature's systems is my curriculum.

One problem so close to my heart is water. Water is such a basic compound, yet everything is comprised of it. Every living thing needs water to survive. Wars have been started because of water-related crises. Three days without water and you are sure to perish.
For those with limited access to water, surviving is an uphill battle.

In Menomonie, Wisconsin there is a surplus of water, yet accessibility to it is being threatened by the presence of a very small but mighty neurotoxin-producing cyanobacteria. With all my preparation and dedication to uniting science with social responsibility, I am greatly honored to be working on a project that aims to biogeochemically remediate the watershed.

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